Collaborate inside and outside the business

Ensure project teams are working on the most current drawings and documentation with a powerful, web-based Enterprise Content Management system.

Reduce your risks substantially

With integrated email and document management, all your correspondence is brought together in the Content Management system, ensuring nothing critical is missed

Unparalleled insights to your operational and financial performance

Customisable dashboards and alerts provide critical information for decisions and control at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. Robust forecasting delivers greater predictability.

Gain Control

Approval and authorisation policies embedded for effective control and reduced risk.


Ultimate offers enterprise- level sophistication and systematic control to your non-financial business applications including: email integration, advanced document and project management, business forecasting, reporting and workflow needs.

Document Management

Bring all your company’s documents and other content such as drawings, forms, photographs, OH&S policies and reports together on a single, powerful content management platform.

Reduce your risks by having all documents indexed to facilitate powerful and rapid search functions, no longer relying on people saving documents in the correct place. Full revision management ensures your project teams are working with the most current documentation.

Streamline your operations by utilizing the Forms designer to create electronic versions of all your business’ forms.

Project Management

Supplement the Document Management with structured Project Management and Contract Administration applications.

Collaborate with all parties to the project to efficiently manage Variations, RFI’s, Site Instructions, Issues, Minutes of Meetings, Defects, Submittals, etc.

Integration with email ensures all your transmittals and interactions are recorded chronologically, dramatically reducing the risks of vital information not being recorded and shared.

Ensure complete visibility of pending and incomplete actions through Perspectives Analytics Dashboard information, and alerting and notifications.

Email Integration

Extend the capabilities and maximise the benefits of Document Management, Project Management and Contract Administration with seamless integration of email for complete records of transmittals and incoming correspondence. Your emails are archived in the content management platform for easy searching and retrieval. Eliminate the risk of losing crucial email correspondence.

Electronic Forms

Streamline your operations by utilizing the Forms designer to create electronic versions of all your business’ forms.

An extension of the Document Management module, move existing forms into the content management platform to streamline the recording and management of your vital project and compliance information, either from desktop or mobile devices. Incorporate photographs, obtain multiple signatures, submit forms to Workflow for approval, and generate notifications. Data from Forms is recorded in Perspectives Analytics table for reporting and analysis for greater visibility of information and monitoring of vital statistics.

Workflow and Alerts

Systemise your approval processes for purchases, invoices, variations, documents, etc, with user-defined, multi-stage workflow approvals. Facilitate workflow further with approval events updating project milestone activities. Users can action approvals via email responses or from their approvals queue.

Configure alerts and notifications to actively advise users of key events and information, ensuring exceptions are highlighted and action taken sooner rather than later. Combined with Perspectives Analytics Dashboards, Workflow and Alerts is the means to greater visibility and control right across the business

Business Forecasting

Forecast more accurately and gain greater predictability over business performance in the months and years ahead. Present your shareholders and financiers with robust information for decision support.

The Business Forecasting module enables time phased forecasts of project claims and costs based on current positions to project completion, with detailed cost forecasting providing estimates of resource requirements. Provides month by month forecasts of earned revenue and margin, and WIP movement. All projects aggregated for business unit and company level forecasts of claims, revenue and margin earned and net movements.