Real-Time Business Data

Understand the financial position of your projects and business – anywhere, anytime. Integration of financial and payroll transactions means project managers are armed with information they can trust.

Reduce your overheads

Streamlining business processes and eliminating duplication will make your business more productive, profitable and controlled.

Construction Industry Compliance

Industry- specific software ensures compliance with Security of Payments, Taxable Payments Reporting, and EBA and payroll reporting obligations

Improve governance

Security and permissions ensure your people only access what is necessary. Full auditing for complete assurance


IGNITE is the foundation on which you build your new LEVESYS ERP software system. Core modules include: Payroll, Corporate Accounting, Job and Financial Management.

Jobs core

Complete financial management of all your projects and small jobs. Generate and control your Progress Claims. Track your Variations and PC Sums and their status and incorporate them in your claims.

Maintain total control of project costs, including labour hours, with budgets, budget revisions, committed costs and cost forecasts.

Segment your operations further with user-defined job classifications and job categories to augment business unit reporting and analysis. Embed workflows and controls for differing types of projects.

Transform a wealth of data into real-time insights of financial performance of your projects – margins, cost variances, backlog, WIP – with powerful enquiries, dashboards, reporting and analysis. Configure alerts to notify nominated people of key events and unfavourable movements.


Control your sub-contracts and purchases with powerful ordering functions.

Manage sub-contract packages with assessments of sub-contractors’ claims, variations, and issue payment schedules to meet Security of Payments obligations.

Control your materials and goods purchases through integrated listings of suppliers’ prices. Ensure greater control and accuracy with mobile apps to record goods deliveries .

Integrate with Workflow for systematic control of purchase approvals in accordance with your policies and limits.

Accounts Payable

Streamline your Accounts Payable management with seamless integration of purchases and sub-contract claims to ensure you never pay more than you have to.

Manage retention holdings and record all sub-contractors’ and suppliers’ insurance details for greater control of payment approvals and commercial risks.

Fully integrated with the General Ledger for complete accounting.

Real time reporting of your payables balances. Generate Taxable Payments reporting for the ATO

Accounts receivable

Flexible Progress Claim and small job invoicing processes integrate for real time reporting of receivables balances.

Employ a range of options and rules to ensure cost-plus invoicing is accurate and reflects customer agreements.

Manage your claims and RCTI’s and fully track your retention balances.

Full integration to the General Ledger for complete accounting.

Payroll & HR

Powerful, integrated labour costing and payroll provides unprecedented control of your labour costs and streamlines payroll processing and compliance.

Define award and EBA conditions and on-cost factors, including allowances and deductions. A variety of time sheet applications – desktop and mobile – allows flexible capture of data for employees and contractors, immediately updating job labour hours and costs, with no additional data entry required to process pays.

Manage all your compliance with pay advice emailing, production of PAYG Summaries, Super Stream contributions and ATO Reporting.

Manage and control HR matters: Employee and contractor qualifications, inductions, licences and competencies, track and alert expiry dates and align with customers’ mandatory requirements for job scheduling and rostering.

General Ledger

Take your financial control and reporting to a new level with the fully integrated General Ledger.

Flexibility to accommodate your organization and reporting structure, and accounting policies, with user defined entity and business unit structures and chart of accounts.

Generate all your financial reporting and enquiries with Perspectives Analytics and Reporting.