Professional Services

A range of services from a dedicated, professional team designed to ensure you get the best from your LEVESYS implementation today and as your business continues to grow and evolve.

Product Implementation

The implementation of a software system is extremely important to get right. With over 25 years’ experience and hundreds of successful implementations, LEVESYS has streamlined the implementation process using a structured, methodical programme of work; then backs it with exceptional support – so you’re up and running faster.
The implementation process is fully inclusive and integral to the optimal working of LEVESYS.


Your training is designed and delivered by LEVESYS trainers with many years of hands on industry experience. A user/ job role based approach and carefully defined processes deliver a methodical and practical learning and training environment, ensuring your business objectives for change and development are met.


Whatever goals you have for your construction company, LEVESYS has the knowledge and experience to help you get there. Our consultancy services are available to you as your business grows, supported all the way by LEVESYS software.

LEVESYS Consulting helps you capitalise on change and expand the capability of your people, processes and systems so that your value creation and profit goals are consistently met and exceeded

Help Desk Support

In the Construction Industry, time is money. Our help desk support service is measured against a benchmarked 2-hour turnaround from the time we receive your query. In fact, average response time is less than 60 minutes. We promise to solve your problems quickly and efficiently to keep your business moving.

Our team of technical consultants and qualified trainers have your business’ best interests at heart. They will work with you to achieve the right technical and financial outcome through the implementation, service and support phases beyond.

Technical Services

Every single aspect of the LEVESYS software solution is developed and maintained in-house. The Technical Services team is the team of developers behind the software. They are the ones who take customer feedback and turn them into real solutions you use to run your business even better.

The LEVESYS Technical Services team is the team you will work with if you have a technical question about your LEVESYS system. They wrote the software and are always ready to assist you and your team with any query.